Scottsboro Family Pharmacy

CUSTOMER SERVICE... It is what we at Scottsboro Family Pharmacy do best!

Serving Scottsboro/Jackson County since 2005, we are committed to providing the best customer service every time you stop by. Our pharmacists and staff provide accurate, quick filling of prescriptions. The service doesn't stop there, though. Our experienced pharmacists are always available for one-on-one counseling on any prescription medications, as well as providing recommendations on our full line of over-the-counter products.

We feel that lots of places can fill prescriptions, but no one can do it and provide the level of customer service that we do. We strive to get you on your way as quickly as possible, while providing you with the medications you need at a great price AND the information you require to get you - and keep you - healthy.

At Scottsboro Family Pharmacy, we work hard to provide personalized attention to you and your health needs. We will remember your name and show you that you are more than just a customer. This is a level of care you will not get at any big box or chain pharmacy.

Click on any of the Specialized Services listed on the right for a short description of additional services we provide to better care for you.

Stop by our pharmacy, located in the Five Points Plaza on Veterans Drive in Scottsboro, and speak to a pharmacist or staff member about how we can help you.

Kmart Pharmacy Customers are welcome at Scottsboro Family Pharmacy! Beat the rush and transfer your prescriptions before Kmart closes. It's easy to transfer. Just call (256-259-9300) or stop by and we will handle the rest.